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Opi, is one of the highest centers in the National Park of Abruzzo (1250 m), stands on a rocky outcrop surrounded by picturesque valleys and beech forests that offer a relaxing and enchanting panorama. It is very close to Pescasseroli, a place with which it has partly intertwined its history since the Middle Ages and also in modern times.
In its territory, once a borderland between the lands of the Marsi and the Sanniti Caraceni, Opi stood, dedicated to the goddess of abundance. Today the locality of the National Park of Abruzzo, which dominates the Val Fondillo, is an interesting tourist destination, where the visit center of the chamois and the ancient ski museum is active, becoming part of the exclusive club of the "Most Beautiful Villages of Italy". In the winter season its nature is transformed. The silence of the wide expanses of snow, the cloaked woods, the blue of the sky cut out from the snowy peaks all around make it a place of peace where you can recharge, breathe and experience moments of holiday far from everyday life. The fantastic cross-country trails of Macchiarvana, to be covered for kilometers, make it an ideal place for Nordic skiing and trekking. Ski to the feet, you come into contact with the most authentic environment of the Park, reserved and deep, traced by the footsteps of the animals on the snow cover. The resort is equipped with accommodation facilities (hotels, B & B, campsites) that allow, in every season, a stay of comfort and tranquility in the suggestion of one of the most beautiful corners of the Park.

Ski Resort Area: Alto Sangro
Altitude: 1250
Province: L'Aquila

41.7775717, 13.8564085