Beautiful town of the Abruzzo Riviera, Pineto owes its name to the luxuriant and lush pinewoods that line the sea for more than four kilometers and embellish the picturesque landscape of the hills of Teramo. The historic pine forest was planted in 1926 by Commendator Luigi Corrado Filiani on state-owned land held under concession in the territory of "Villa Filiani", a hamlet in the municipality of Mutignano. Villa Filiani changed its name to Pineto, in honor of the famous poem by Gabriele D'Annunzio "La pioggia nel Pineto". On the stretch of coastline between Pineto and Silvi, the mighty Cerrano Tower stands out on the dunes, symbol of the Marine Protected Area of the same name. An imposing fortified structure, it was built in the sixteenth century to defend the coast from the raids of Slavs and Saracens. It is currently used as a Marine Biology Research Centre. The seabed of the sea mirror in front of it hosts an underwater archaeological site of considerable historical value, formed by the ruins of the ancient port of Atri. In the characteristic hamlet of Mutignano, the parish church of San Silvestro houses a precious G.L. Bernini's marble crucifix. and an interesting fifteenth-century painting by Andrea De Litio.

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