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chiesa santa maria in valle porclaneta

Santa Maria in Valle Porclaneta - Rosciolo di Magliano dei Marsi (AQ)

The church of Santa Maria in Porclaneta Valley dates back in the time, though the earliest attestations refer to the XI century, when the monastery passed under the jurisdiction of Montecassino Abbey. The plan of the church consists of a single hall concluding in an apse; before the entrance there is a pronaos, which used to lead to the monks' rooms, now collapsed. Inside the church preserves a pulpit and a ciborium dated 1510, both attributed to the master Nicodemo; furthermore, there are the remains of the iconostasis that used to separate the presbytery from the hall reserved to the congregation, painted with valuable frescoes.

L.T. 02-02-2021
Via Santa Maria in Valle - Rosciolo di Magliano dei Marsi (AQ)

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