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Santuario del Volto Santo - Manoppello (PE)

Inside the Shrine of Manoppello is enclosed, in a case, what is recognized as the true Face of Jesus Christ. A legend tells that in 1506 a pilgrim presented himself to the physicist Giacomo Antonio Leonelli and gave him the precious gift.
The veil remained in the Leonelli house until 1608, then was stolen by a soldier of fortune and sold to Donatantonio De Fabritiis and from these donated to the Capuchin Father Clemente da Castelvecchio, who placed the relic between two glasses with a walnut frame. From 1646 the Holy Face is exposed to the veneration of the people. It is a soft veil, the warp and the weft are intertwined in the form of a normal weaving. The cloth measures 17 x 24 cm and shows the image of a male face with long hair and a beard divided in bands; it is the only case in the world where the image is identically visible on both sides. No residues or pigments of colour can be found. At the end of the seventies the Trappist nun Blandina Paschalis Schloemer, an expert iconographer, discovered that the Face of the Shroud of Turin and that of Manoppello fit perfectly, because both fabrics had been laid on the body of Jesus.

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Via Cappuccini 26, Manoppello (PE)

085 859118

42.2500488, 14.0624094

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