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Di Siriopomante, CC BY-SA 3.0, Redazione Abruzzo Turismo Santuario Madonna dello Splendore

Santuario Madonna dello Splendore - Giulianova (TE)

The Sanctuary of the Madonna of Splendour was built on the spot where the Virgin, on April 22, 1550, appeared in a luminous cloud to a peasant named Bertoldino. Also on the hill came a miraculous spring, still alive.

The festival, which is celebrated on the date of the apparition, is rich in religious and civil reasons, while throughout the year the Church and the Convent, governed by Capuchin Fathers, constitute a cultural and social center of primary importance. Until the beginning of the 1800s the Sanctuary was entrusted to the spiritual care of the Celestine fathers who lived in the monastery adjoining the church. When the convents were suppressed and the religious removed by force, the building was used as a "place of care and shelter" and the Chapel / Sanctuary was entrusted to some Capuchin friars. Since then these religious have taken care of the Sanctuary, initially with the construction of the beautiful bell tower, recently restored, and progressively with the cleaning, enlargement and embellishment of this place, so that it is truly a place of God's maternal experience, place of peace and reconciliation.

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Via dello Splendore, 120, 64021 Giulianova (TE)

42.7539123, 13.9554991

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