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Where is: it is the most southerly seaside resort of Teramo coast, just a few kilometers from the border with Pescara province. It can be reached by the highway A14 in close proximity of the exit Pescara Nord/Città S.Angelo and headed toward North along the Main Road 16.

Why visit it: it is known as the “Adriatic Pearl”. Just like other seaside resorts of Teramo coast it affords a sandy and shallow waters sea, especially suitable for a family and child-friendly tourism. Close to the large and equipped beaches, the sweet roundness of Teramo hills they welcome the Medieval village of Silvi Alta. Supported by round-arched walls, it has kept in large part its original urban structure. From its wonderful viewpoint you can enjoy a unique view able to range from the Gran Sasso d’Italia peaks to the Conero promontory of nearby Marche region, up to the skyline of Tremiti Islands.

What to see:

  • San Salvatore Church, built during the XI century, the interior with one nave shows up in Baroque style. Among pieces, we mention in particular the wooden bust of the patron San Leone. They still remain two medieval holy water fonts done with elements of the examination of an old Roman temple and fragments of frescoes most probably portraying Saint Catherin of Alexandria, of the half of the thirteenth century;
  • Cerrano Tower, placed on the border line of Pineto municipality, it represents one of the defensive stronghold edified by Spanish during the XVI century along all the Abruzzo coast. Restored during 1990s, it is actually the headquarters of the Cerrano Marine Protected Area. On the beach in front, the dunal area is dedicated to the protection of the fratini birds and to the Mediterranean flora like the sea lily and the Gargano mullein. In the water instead, you can see (above all during moments of low tide) several old submerged structures attributable to the Roman port of Hadria town.;
  • Atri, a few kilometers from Pineto, it preserves priceless treasures of architecture and art, starting with the wonderful cathedral inside which, on the walls and on the pillars around the altar, you can admire the cycle of frescoes by Andrea De Litio, a true masterpiece of Abruzzo Renaissance;7
  • Badlands Natural Reserve, always in the Atri municipality land, it includes an area of about 400 hectares.
    Set up in 1995, from 1999 it is Oasi of the WWF; it grows from the 100 meters of the Piomba stream valley floor up to the 500 meters of the Colle della Giustizia. As well as a wonderful lunar landscape offered by magnificent natural architecture arising from a shape of dynamic erosion, it is characterized by the presence of a rich and varied wildlife and by a significant floral component.

What to eat: similar to other seaside resorts, a lot of Adriatic seafood dishes specialty are spread, from fish soups to fried fish, without neglecting other earthbound dishes of Teramo cuisine, like scrippelle ‘mbusse, some stuffed crepes with grated cheese covered with broth, or mugnaia pasta. In nearby Atri you can taste the famous pecorino cheese obtained from raw whole milk with lamb rennet or let yourself be tempted by several products with a base of licorice, a plant historically grown in all over Cerrano lands. Delicious it is the Pan Ducale, a typical local dessert whose recipe dates back to 1300, made with a mixture of eggs, flour and almonds and it is stuffed with dark chocolate.

It is part of: Italian Authentic Villages – Blue Flag 2019 – Green Flag 2020 of Italian pediatricians like a child-friendly beach – Yellow Flag 2020 Fiab (Italian Federation Environment and Bike) as a cycle municipality.

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Provincia: Teramo

CAP: 64028

Prefisso: 085

Altitudine: 228m


42.5628159, 14.088517