Nnuje teramane

Teramo Nnuje salami - Nnuje teramana


The dialect term “nnuje” derives from the French andouille (tripe sausage), an origin that typifies several Teramo recipes, since the province – like the rest of Abruzzo – was historically influenced by Bourbon and French rule, which left many traces, not just in cuisine. 
“Nnuje” is a typical product in Teramo and neighbouring municipalities, in particular around the Val Fino and Val Vomano areas. A hybrid sausage-salami, prepared with pig tripe and salted belly pork, seasoned with rosemary, bay leaf, orange peel, garlic and plenty of chilli pepper.
It is consumed fresh or can be grilled or cooked in a skillet with white wine. The tripe must be cleaned and boiled, then it is sliced, as is the belly pork. Next the flavourings are chopped minutely and salt is added, with plenty of chopped hot chilli pepper; the ingredients are all blended to obtain a smooth mixture. Lastly the mixture is cased in 10-15cm lengths of pork gut, tied at the top with twine, but with the bottom end left open so the “nnuje” can purge.
Traditionally “nnuje” are hung for 4-5 days near a hearth so they can dry out properly. After six days they are placed in a pan of water, wine (preferably white) and oil, and then cooked until brown. They are served hot. 

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