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Museo della Lana - Scanno (ph. Ivan Masciovecchio) Museo della Lana - Scanno (ph. Ivan Masciovecchio) Museo della Lana - Scanno Museo della Lana (statue) - Scanno

Wool Museum - Scanno (AQ)

Founded in 1993 by a group of volunteers, it is located in the historic centre of the town in a building dating back to 1901, originally intended as a municipal abattoir. It was called the Wool Museum because wool was, between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, a source of primary wealth for this as for other towns in mountain Abruzzo. The Museum collects the tools and documents of contemporary pastoral culture (1850-1930) and the historical memory of the work and daily life of the inhabitants of Scanno and the Sagittario Valley. The Museum is organized as an educational collection of material culture, as a documentation center, as a database of the identity of Scanno and other centers of the Sagittarius Valley.
It provides for an annual rotation of installations that reconstruct the different moments of the process of transformation of pastoralism and the different aspects of the identities of the groups that have inhabited the Sagittarius Valley: they reconstruct its logic, screenplay the transformations of mentalities, customs, workings, trade.
The Museum is an archive of the last phase of sheep farming in the period of entry into industrial society and the end of sheep breeding.

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Address: Via calata Sant'Antonio, Scanno

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