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Perched on a rocky ridge enclosed by two valleys, a cluster of history and beauty


07 agosto 2023

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Montenerodomo, Ph. Zitumassin CC BY-SA 3.0


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Montenerodomo, perched on a rocky ridge surrounded by two valleys, is a village with a typically medieval appearance, from whose summit you can enjoy an inimitable panorama that overlooks the surrounding valley as far as the high peaks of the Maiella, filling the eyes of the viewer with splendid colors..
Its origins, however, trace back to much earlier times than the Middle Ages, those of the Italic populations of Frentana and Carecina, later becoming a Roman municipium with the name of Iuvanum.

The oldest part of the village was located at an altitude of 1130 metres, as attested by a few sections of megalithic walls, which were constructed with dry-stacked stones. These are ruins of the Samnite settlement, which is historically considered the oldest in the area. Between the 4th and 3rd centuries B.C., the area was abandoned and the settlement moved to the flat area of Iuvanum. The relocation was probably determined by the fact that it was more accessible than the impervious mountainous position on which the Samnite settlement had risen.

You can still see evidence of ancient life today, preserved in the archaeological site that has been named after the ancient city. But what will you have the chance to see? All that remains of the original settlement of the Samnites-Carricini is the sanctuary from the 4th century B.C., with two flanking temples and a small theatre with a stage and stone steps. The paved streets, the large central square, paved with stone slabs and surrounded by shops and public buildings, and not far from the baths, date back to Roman times.
Also nearby the site, in a modern building, you can visit the Archaeological Museum, which features a route specially designed for the visually impaired, and the Museum of the History and Transformation of the Landscape. 

Near the site are also the remains of the plan of the Abbey of Santa Maria in Palazzo, which dates back to the 11th century and was active until the 15th century. A sort of link between eras, the Roman and the medieval.  
After a stroll through the ruins, go back up to the medieval village and enjoy some small sights. Some of these are certainly the Church of San Martino and Santa Giusta, the Church of San Vito and the Palazzo Croce, residence of the family of one of the most important intellectual figures of 20th century Italy, Benedetto Croce, to whom various events are devoted throughout the year. 

After your long historical-cultural tour, we invite you to sit down and enjoy the typical local delicacies, such as pallotte cac e ov or ventricina vastese, but the local speciality stands out: the potato, cultivated and cooked with care and tradition.



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